Fresh & home made

... just like mom's

Here at the FOOD LAB, when it comes to food finest quality and freshness are our main priorities.

We never use pre-made ingredients and our dishes are made from scratch, with locally outsourced meat and produce.

This is yet another way to show our guests how much we truly care.

Homemade Pasta

Food Lab is one of very few restaurants that uses our own homemade pasta in our pasta dishes.
Try one of them and you will taste the difference.

Homemade Cakes and Pastry

Our pastry is also made right here, on the premises of FOOD LAB.
Nikola, our Head Pastry Chef, takes special pride in making our beautiful deserts an unforgettable experience, one you will crave over and over again.
Our cakes speak for you - they can say "I love you".

Farm Fresh Eggs for Breakfast

Everyone knows that a good, hearty breakfast is the foundation for a great day. That is why we at the Food Lab only use fresh eggs from the local farms, even for the simplest of omelettes.
Great ingredients matter.

Fresh and Detox Juices

Inspired by healthy lifestyle, we squeeze our own juices here at FOOD LAB.
Fresh squeezed juices from fresh fruits and veggies add to your energy level and provide all necessary vitamins for a healthy nutrition.
Our Detox Juices will help your body fight oxidants and boost your immune system.



Take a peek into our kitchen

Meet our Chefs who proudly prepare your favorite dishes with love and only with the finest, freshest ingredients.

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